June Playlist

Yoga music… I’ve been through a lot of phases. Back when I taught my first classes and hosted my first retreats, I would meticulously prepare a playlist for each and every class. I often spent more time preparing the playlist than preparing the actual class. Hence, enter stage two: I wanted to focus on the Asana rather than the music and switched to playing Spotify channels during class. Not a great idea, because some of the songs were too fast, too slow or simply not fitting. Stage three: No music at all. For a short while, I enjoyed teaching silent classes – and apparently nobody missed the music (or they just wouldn’t tell me if they did). During stage four – the longest so far – I had two extended playlists on my phone, mainly piano music, which I would shuffle play during class.

I might have continued like that for much longer (apart from the fact that I was getting a bit bored by those ever-same songs after a few months). But then a trip to Bali and the amazing playlists of Collette Davis got me back into the game. I listened, I explored, I found new inspiration in my movement through the songs I was listening to…

So here it is, my first ever proper playlist. It’s a mellow one, best combined with the morning sun, a breath of cool air and some free-flowing, intuitive Asana. Enjoy.