THE PATH | August 8-15, 2020

A hiking & yoga adventure in the Swiss Alps

«A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.» – Lao Tse

Challenge yourself…

Davos – Sertig – Bergün – Bever – Zuoz – Davos
from CHF 1740 | 7 Nights | English & German | fully booked – waiting list

I walk. In sunshine and rain. I walk when I feel good, I walk when I feel bad. I walk when I’m confused, because every step I take seems to untangle a tiny bit of the knot in my head, every breath of fresh mountain air lifts my spirit, and gazing upon the amazing landscape I am lucky to call my home rests my brain like nothing else.

When I walk, I feel truly alive.

I spent much of this past summer walking. And somewhere along the way, I realised that it was less about where exactly I was going and much more about being on the path, moving forward, taking the next step, and the next. I realised that while I was not practising asana on a mat, I was still very much doing yoga – just in a different way from what we commonly tend to call yoga in today’s context. Every hike was a walking meditation, every step took me closer to this immense awe of all that is, right here, right now. 

…to an Alpine adventure

Walking in the mountains connects you to the elements, to the roughness of nature, its beauty, its purity. Cold, heat, sun, rain, snow, wind, rock, dirt – it’s all there, right in your face. Walking takes you out of your comfort zone, and like yoga, it plays your edge. As you walk, just like it might have happened to you on your mat, your mind calms down. You focus on your feet, on staying on firm ground, on your breath, on safely moving from one step to the next. But while you’re often not consciously aware of it, every single one of these steps can bring growth, inspiration, deeper awareness and healing. Walking moves you – inside and out.

A breathtaking week-long hike

Are you ready to take the first step?

Join me on an amazing adventure of hiking and yoga in my beautiful homeland, the Alps of Grisons. The suggested route will take you over 90 kms in six days, on a trip around the majestic peak of Piz Kesch, with a challenging 33 km stretch on the last day of the hike. You create your own path every day, be it alone or together with others from the group. The legs of your journey are designed in a way that you can always opt to take the bus or train, should the weather be too bad for walking – or if you just want to take it easy for a day. On most legs, there are several route options to choose from. 

Lush valleys

Every morning begins with Sadhana – pranayama, mantra, meditation, kriyas and intention setting for the day to come. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, you set off on your walk. You will be given a bespoke booklet to accompany you on your trip – with ideas on where to stop and what to see, how to add mindfulness and awareness exercises to your walk, and of course maps and other useful information. A lunch packet will be provided on days without inns along the way. No need to worry about carrying a heavy bag – your luggage will be transferred to the next stop; all you need to carry is a daypack. Upon arrival at your hotel you can get a shower and rest your feet before we all meet for a soothing, stretching and relaxing yoga practice and a delicious multi-course dinner, during which we can connect and share the stories of our paths.

Pristine nature

And as much as the days will be rough, sweaty and at times challenging – you can be sure that you’ll be resting heavenly. I’ve hand-picked the hotels for this journey, from remote gems like the Walserhuus in the Sertig Valley to historic sanctuaries like Bergün’s Kurhaus and luxurious spa experiences like the Castell in Zuoz and the Waldhuus in Davos. 

A walking meditation

After arriving back in Davos, you will have a full day to integrate and reflect, relax at the spa, sit in quiet contemplation, share your experience with the rest of the group, round off your adventure with a magical closing ceremony and let it all sink in. Because it’s not just a walk, it’s a journey. Of self-discovery, of unfolding and unravelling. A journey to your innermost source, to what moves you deep inside. It’s a chance to rediscover yourself, to truly feel your aliveness and connection to nature, to sense the oneness of it all.

Take that step. Go for that walk. Find your path.

New connections

«We’re all going to the same place, and we’re all on a path. Sometimes our paths converge. Sometimes they separate, and we can hardly see each other, much less hear each other. But on the good days, we’re walking on the same path, close together, and we’re walking each other home.» – Baba Ram Dass

A journey around Piz Kesch

The Route

Click on the image below to see a map of the suggested route of THE PATH on SchweizMobil.


Saturday, August 8 | Davos

from 15.00 Arrival at Hotel Waldhuus, Davos Platz
17.00 Welcome Circle and Ceremony, Yoga
19.30 Dinner

Sunday, August 9 | Davos – Sertig

7.00 Sadhana
from 8.00 Breakfast

Today’s path leads you from the mountain town of Davos to the remote Sertig valley. The recommended route takes you along the side of the Jakobshorn on a steady uphill trail; walking time approx. 3.5 hours. Other options include a more challenging trail across the top of the Jakobshorn, where you can get a first glimpse of Piz Kesch (you can take the cable car up if you’re only interested in the panorama) or taking the bus. There are plenty of options for a tasty lunch along the way – make the most of your day and try some local specialties!

from 15.00 Check-in at Hotel Walserhuus, Davos Sertig
17.30 Yoga
19.30 Dinner

Monday, August 10 | Sertig – Bergün

7.00 Sadhana
from 8.00 Breakfast

Expect to break a sweat on this second leg. Whether you choose the trail through the spectacularly rugged Ducan valley (19km) or the panoramic trail over the Sertig pass (20km), expect to be walking for about 6.5 hours. For the fast-paced willing to add an extra hour and a half, there is an option to take a detour past Keschhütte with impressive close-up views of Piz Kesch. If you’re up for an easy day instead, consider taking the bus and train to Bergün – it will take you across some of the famous viaducts of the Albula train line. Since there are few inns along the way, you will be provided with a lunch packet.

from 15.00 Check-in at Kurhaus Bergün
17.30 Yoga
19.30 Dinner

Quiet contemplation

Tuesday, August 11 | Bergün – Bever

7.00 Sadhana
from 8.00 Breakfast

From the Albula valley to the Engadine: Walk along the world-famous Albula train line (or choose to take the train for part of this leg). If you decide to walk all the way (20km), you will experience amazing views of the surrounding peaks – and get a chance to swim in the pristine Alpine lakes at Crap Alv. You will be provided with a lunch package, so why not have a snack and nap by the lakes after your swim?

from 15.00 Check-in at Bever Lodge
17.30 Yoga
19.30 Dinner

Wednesday, August 12 | Bever – Zuoz

7.00 Sadhana
from 8.00 Breakfast

Enjoy the Engadine! It’s not a full rest day, but it takes a mere stroll of two hours along the river from Bever to Zuoz. Admire the typical Engadine houses in the villages of La Punt and Madulain, enjoy local specialties in one of the many restaurants along the way – or use the day for an outing to St. Moritz or a train ride up Muottas Muragl.

from 15.00 Check-in at Hotel Castell, Zuoz
17.30 Yoga
19.30 Dinner

Thursday, August 13 | Zuoz – Davos

7.00 Sadhana
from 8.00 Breakfast

It’s the big one today. 33km from Zuoz back to Davos. Nine hours of walking. Will you be up for it? If not, don’t worry. You could hike to Zernez instead, a mostly flat walk of about four hours, and take the bus across the Flüela pass back to Davos. You could take the train to Zernez, change onto the bus, get out on top of the Flüela pass and walk down to Davos from there in about 4 hours. If you manage to get to Dürrboden from Zuoz (the first 21km of the hike), you’ll have an option of catching the bus to Davos. Or you could do something completely different. This is your path after all.

You will get a lunch package, and you won’t have to worry about being back at the hotel in time for yoga – there won’t be any, because 33km is well enough movement for one day.

from 15.00 Check-in at Hotel Waldhuus, Davos
20.00 Dinner

Friday, August 14 | Davos

8.00 Sadhana
from 9.00 Breakfast

Take some time for yourself. Relax at the spa or in your room, have a stroll into town, breathe, feel, integrate.

Afternoon: Meditation, Yoga, sharing circle, closing ceremony
20.00 Closing dinner at a lovely restaurant in town

Saturday, August 15 | Davos

8.00 Sadhana
from 9.00 Breakfast
Time to say goodbye!

New horizons


Your path will take you to some of the most unique and beautiful hotels in the region. All of them have their own special features and luxuries, some of them have a spa, some have an amazing history. All of them will serve us a hearty breakfast and a delicious multi-course dinner.

Please click on the names below for more information about each hotel.
August 8 & 13-15: Hotel Waldhuus, Davos
August 9: Hotel Walserhuus Sertig
August 10: Kurhaus Bergün
August 11: Bever Lodge
August 12: Hotel Castell, Zuoz


THE PATH for one | accommodation in double rooms for single use or single rooms, all with en suite bathrooms: 2090 CHF

THE PATH for two | accommodation in double rooms, all with en suite bathrooms: 1740 CHF per person

  • 7 nights at hand-picked hotels, all rooms with en suite bathrooms
  • 7 hearty breakfasts
  • 6 multi-course dinners
  • 3 lunch packages
  • «snack pack» upon arrival
  • Daily morning sadhana (kriya/mantra/meditation)
  • Daily relaxing yoga practice (except for Thursday)
  • Welcome & closing ceremonies
  • Handbook/journal & map material to accompany you on your path
  • Luggage transport between hotels
Not included:
  • Journey to/from Davos
  • Additional lunches
  • Dinner on Friday 14th
  • Beverages with dinners
  • Guiding – all hikes are self-guided
  • Train and bus tickets, should you decide not to walk
  • Any other expenses not listed under included

Daily yoga & sadhana


Experience in Alpine hiking, appropriate gear (hiking boots, sun protection, waterproof gear etc. – you will be provided with a packing list), good overall health, sure-footedness and ability to walk for several hours per day at higher elevation. Some trails feature steep ups and downs.

Seasoned trail-runners are welcome to join this adventure – please make sure to bring all the necessary gear since we will not provide you with a specific packing list.

This is a self-guided hiking adventure. You will not be accompanied by a guide during your hikes and are walking at your own risk. International health and travel insurance is highly recommended, as well as a Rega membership (for residents of Switzerland).


Attendance & Booking

This retreat will take place from a minimum number of 6 participants, regardless of the weather conditions.
Your spot can only be confirmed after we have received your deposit of 400 CHF. This deposit in non-refundable. The remaining payment is due no later than 60 days before the start of your retreat. All services are subject to the terms and conditions of rinneke gmbh.

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