Katharina Blansjaar

Yogini – Wanderer – Word Witch


A serious injury originally brought me to yoga. I know what it feels like to lose balance, when the connection between mind and body, thought, emotion and action is gone. I know what pain is. Yoga has helped me cope. It has given me strength, confidence and compassion. Yoga is much more than just an exercise routine. It has touched me deeply and is my daily companion, it teaches me acceptance and mindfulness, it gives me stability and ease.

My practice is both strong and soothing, and always sustainable. I care about alignment and safety, and I care about the human beings I work with. I love to breathe deeply, and I love to sit down and be quiet – pranayama (yogic breathwork) and meditation are an important part of my practice. I like to ask questions. My understanding of yoga is based on research, verifiable knowledge and inquisitiveness rather than outdated traditions, superstition and gullibility. That said, yoga still works its magic on me every day.

I completed my basic training (Yoga Alliance RYT 200) with United Yoga and have since followed various courses of continuing education. In the spring of 2018, I completed my +300 hrs training with Mark Stephens in California. Apart from teaching, learning and living yoga, I am a freelance author, translator and illustrator (click here to find out more). Since summer 2018 I’ve been in charge of Davos Yoga, a cosy yoga studio in the centre of Davos Platz.

Swiss Yoga Retreats is the perfect combination of two of my favourite things – yoga and the mountains. I’m a seasoned hiker and snowboarder, I enjoy cross country skiing in the valleys around Davos and have twice finished the 42k at the Swiss Alpine Marathon – although nowadays I prefer to go on long walks with my labradoodle Bertie.




Yoga classes with Katharina

Private and group classes in Davos – visit davosyoga.ch to learn more!