Katharina Blansjaar | Founder | E-RYT 200 | RYT 500 | YACEP

A serious injury originally brought me to yoga. I know what it feels like to lose balance, when the connection between mind and body, thought, emotion and action is gone. I know what pain is. Yoga has helped me cope. It has given me strength, confidence and compassion. Yoga is much more than just an exercise routine. It has touched me deeply and is my daily companion, it teaches me acceptance and mindfulness, it gives me stability and ease.

My practice is both strong and soothing, and always sustainable. I care about alignment and safety, and I care about the human beings I work with. I love to breathe deeply, and I love to sit down and be quiet – pranayama (yogic breathwork) and meditation are an important part of my practice. I like to ask questions. My understanding of yoga is based on research, verifiable knowledge and inquisitiveness rather than outdated traditions, superstition and gullibility. That said, yoga still works its magic on me every day.

I’ve been offering yoga retreats in and around Davos since 2017 and am the owner of local yoga studio Davos Yoga. My training as a yoga instructor includes a variety of styles, from Hatha & Vinyasa to Yin, Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga for Trauma, and I’ve completed well over 700 hours of training. Having trained with master teacher Mark Stephens in California, I consider myself a bit of an anatomy geek, and I’m also very much inspired by somatic movement, embodiment practices and non-dualist philosophy.

My teachings are based on my love for the human body-mind, my own experiences with healing trauma and injury through yoga and a focus on safety and alignment. Rather than attaching a certain label to my retreat classes, I encourage students to observe the sensations in their body-mind, be it during a flow sequence or a long hold, and to allow for moments of pure awareness and connection in their practice. You will be given the opportunity to explore breathing and meditation techniques, as well as various styles of postural yoga, during your retreat. 

Apart from teaching, studying and living yoga, I LOVE to explore the world on my two feet.


Yoga Classes with Katharina

Practice with me in Davos & the virtual world. Find out more on mountainyogi.ch.