Coming Home to your Self



I dare to set foot into uncharted territory… an online retreat. I’ve had the opportunity to take a few myself during the first wave of the pandemic, and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the chaotic. With all this in mind, I’m challenging myself to offer you the best online retreat I could possibly think of. No fixed schedule, no lousy Zoom calls, no rush. Decent video and audio files, available both for streaming and download. All my favourite retreat recipes, bespoke manuals and tons of LOVE.

I’ve called it Coming Home to your Self. It’s laid out to be a five-day at-home retreat, but you are of course free to take it at your own pace, and as many times as you want to. You can split it up into several weeks, or turn it into a full 5-day retreat. You can pick your favourite practice and keep doing it for months to come, or you can enrich your daily sadhana with my meditations. A magical box of yoga & mindfulness chocolates, ready for you to indulge yourself in.

What you’ll get:

  • A bespoke home retreat guide (PDF)
  • A Suggested Schedule for your retreat days (PDF)
  • Daily inspiration sheets with contemplations, quotes, poems & journaling suggestions
  • Five 25-minute meditations (downloadable audio)
  • Five 60-minute practices (downloadable video)
  • A 15-minute sequence to get your body moving before sadhana (video)
  • Guided morning sadhana (2 videos & 2 scripts)
  • Five delicious recipes from my home retreat kitchen (PDF)
  • My ultimate breakfast porridge recipe (PDF)
  • My guide for mindful walking – in the mountains or elsewhere (PDF)

Please note that all documents and practices are in English only!

You will be sent all information on how to access your retreat in your order confirmation.